Back To The Future


As fast as the last 8 years have passed, the next decade will be upon us, so lets play with time and look back to the future with this hypothetical interview with Henry Winter (MBE) of The Telegraph and Maria Smith, Chairman of Shelfield United Football Club – 2030 European Grassroots Club Of The Year.

HW So Maria, a decade after winning 2020 Staffs Charter Standard Charter Club Of The Year, how has the club now achieved this prestigious European 2030 accolade?
MS In 2022 we understood that vision without action was daydreaming, and action without vision is a nightmare, so the club devised a 2030 plan based on their past, the clubs capabilities and the need.

HW Looking back to 2022 what has been the biggest influences to secure this 2030 award?
MS We identified some must win battles based on our backbone and culture, then through great thought-leadership and tangible strategies we found that we succeeded more than we failed.

HW So what has been sacrificed to secure this award?
MS Our club culture has always sacrificed winning before development and this has meant highly skilled players and their parents not wanting to wait until everyone else was at a similar level. A great example of development before winning was demonstrated in 2019, when our then U14s won every game played that season, however when U7s that same team lost all games, scoring only a few goals. That team actually ended up at U16s with 6 players that had represented the club for 10 years which was incredibly humbling.

Whilst a theoretical interview in 2030, there’s a lot of fact embedded, not least our current culture, our backbone and excellent thought-leadership.

Before we start looking at some pertinent questions, lets consider some player participation facts as shown below. This data was sourced via Statista 2021.

No. Of Players 2016 – 2020

190,401 Respondence
Played At Least Twice Per Month
November 2015 – May 2020

As shown participation is down 19% over the last 5 years, and at that rate, and by 2030 there will be more than 30% less participation compared to 2016.

Now we need some guidance from you as parents, players, coaches or just interested parties so that your views can be captured in our 2030 plan which will be submitted early 2022. The information submission does not capture your name or email and the views captured are for information only… yet very important to us.

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