SUFC Foundation

We are delighted to announce that at our 27th September 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) The Club decided to form a foundation where funds will be shared between The Club and a designated charity.

The Club are truly delighted to announce that starting now, and through 2022 we will promote and support a very import Walsall organization.

WPH, based in Upper Forster Street, Walsall specialize in Confidential Counselling, Information & Support Services, Specialist Teenage Services & Pregnancy Support. Call 01922 649322 for their expert guidance and support.

With £400 raised so far (Dec21) help us reach a magnificent £3000 for our Foundation Partner & Free Football incentive.

Our Valued Foundation Partners 2023

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Foundation payments can be made by clicking JustGiving image.
All donations of any value truly appreciated.


Q1. What is the purpose of the SUFC Foundation?
Since 2004 The Club has annually fundraised for the local community, and we feel the SUFC Foundations formalizes this excellent work by our volunteers. The SUFC Foundation will disburse 50% of all foundation funds to The Clubs FREE football programme, then 50% to the pre-determined charity.

Q2. How many charities can benefit from SUFC Foundation?
In year one (Season 2021-2022 and up to July 2022) The Club prefer one charity to optimize the performance. That said this will be the decision of SUFC Foundation Trustees.

Q3. How will SUFC Foundation generate funds for The Club and the charity(s)?
Non exclusively, The Club aim to (1) apply profit from FREE football programme kit sales; (2) business or private individual sponsorship; (3) just-giving page.

Q4. When will funds be given to The Club and charity(s)?
The Club will reimburse the charity(s) within 10 days of SUFC Foundation AGM (Summer 2022).

Q5. Can money raised be reimbursed?
No, funds raised by individuals or businesses for the proposes of SUFC Foundations cannot be refunded without explicit written approval by SUFC Foundation Trustees and The Clubs Officers & Committee.

Q6. What happens if funds raised exceed FREE football initiative need?
Great! Excess funds beyond FREE football initiative will be dispersed to fund further FREE football activities and equipment. If the amount is truly excessive then SUFC Trustees to decide on spend, including further donations to charity.

Shelfield United Football Club Foundation Mandate

  • Shelfield United Football Club Foundation (herein SUFC Foundation) was agreed by The Clubs Officers & Committee at Shelfield United Football Clubs (herein The Club) AGM dated 27th September 2021.
  • SUFC Foundation will operate within the current and future rules of Community Association Sports Club (CASC), Registration Number CH11319.
  • The Clubs Officers & Committee will appoint no less than three (3) trustees to the SUFC Foundation.
  • SUFC Foundation Trustees can be appointed from current Club Officers, Committee or Members, and or from outside of The Club.
  • SUFC Foundation Trustees will be charged with the operation of the foundation, not least (1) the SUFC Foundation Trustee is legally and ethically required to work in the best interests of SUFC Foundation and the chosen charity (beneficiaries); (2) The SUFC Foundation Trustee’s must ensure the funds are available for the purpose they’re intended; (3) SUFC Foundation Trustees are to secure sponsorship in-line with The Foundations mandate.
  • SUFC Foundation will hold an AGM where, not limited to, the foundation mandate, beneficiaries, performance and stakeholders will be reviewed and approved by The Clubs Officers & Committee.
  • SUFC Foundation will hold an EGM where needed to resolve immediate challenges. Challenges will be reviewed and approved by The Clubs Officers & Committee.
  • In the event of EGM or AGM votes being equal, The Clubs Chairman has the final vote.
  • The charity(s) will be chosen by SUFC Trustees. Due diligence will be taken to ensure the charity(s) are (1) a UK registered charity; (2) funds will be used for the purpose of the charity; (3) with rare exceptions the nominated charity(s) should change on an annual basis; (4) ideally chosen charities will be located within 20 miles of Shelfield United Football Club.